New Hospital Project

New Hospital Project

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the School of Medicine Centennial New Hospital Project.


Constructing a premier medical education and research center with a new hospital at its core.

Keio University is currently constructing a new hospital wing to celebrate the School of Medicine’s centennial in 2017. Our diverse faculty of specialists understand that each patient’s needs are unique and ever-changing, and believe that robust interdisciplinary care needs to be the standard. We are committed to developing the world’s safest and most advanced medical technologies, and to catering effectively to the complex medical needs of a rapidly ageing society. We must work to satisfy not only our patients’ needs, but also those of our country and of patients all over the world. In order to realize this goal, we are pursuing f​our projects that will all utilize the full potential of the new hospital building. ​  > Project Details

The new hospital wing (Building 1) will be located just north of Building 2 on the Shinanomachi Campus, with walkways connecting the lower floors of the two buildings. The main entrance will symbolize the unity between basic and clinical medicine, and be the first link in a chain of comprehensive research centers and education buildings that will stretch along the north side of the campus. Together with the current walkway that connects Building 2 and Building 3, the new wing will allow for an organic unification of the entire campus. In its dignified reflection of Keio University’s history the exterior design of the lower floors will serve as a perfect tribute to the School of Medicine’s centennial. These lower floors will be home not only to the hospital’s outpatient departments, but also to the core interdisciplinary clusters like the Cancer Center and the Surgical Center, the central clinical facilities including radiography, radiotherapy and endoscopy units, and an interdisciplinary perinatal/infant ward that will include delivery rooms. Wards on the upper floors will be dedicated to patient recovery, with bright and spacious rooms creating a peaceful environment ideal for recuperation.